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East castle defense

ECD is a tactical and strategic game with elements of a computer role-playing game, here each player controls several warriors (heroes). At the beginning of the game, the player has only one type of warrior open - the jock warrior.
Each battle the player must place all available warriors to defend his castle. Every warrior gets experience for killing an orc. The player's castle take new level after the building is captured.
New types of warriors open up as you progress through the game, capturing buildings on the global map. The first warriors can be armed with swords to confront the orcs.
It is remarkable that different weapons are available for different types of warriors.
However, all warriors can be equipped: rings, stones, jars. It is worth noting that all jars are used by warriors automatically upon the occurrence of a certain condition. For example, a health jar will be used when a critical health points below 20% is reached.
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